Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planned Pimphood: "We don't actually care about Women"

We've all seen Live Actions undercover videos that have captured Planned Parenthood's staff aiding and abetting supposed sex trafficking.

The videos where two people, a guy dressed as a pimp and a girl dressed as his prostitute, walk into a Planned Parenthood abortion mill and quiz the staff on how much help they can get for their business from the mills.

We've listened, horrified to their responses - 'health workers' who have been told that 13 and 14 year old girls are being used as sex slaves, and who enthusiastically offer advice: where the business can get abortions for the girls, where they can get tested for STDs, what to do in the interim between each girl's abortion and work as sex slaves (sexual activity should occur 'waist up' as one 'health worker' advised the Live Action crew).

A bill is going through Illinois' federal government at the moment.  Its primary aim is to ensure that all staff within the Planned Parenthood mills will be legally required to report any sexual offences they hear of.  At the moment, in Illinois, only professional medical staff are required to report - consequently, staff like the woman quoted above do not feel obligated to report crime.

Here's an excerpt from Live Action on this bill:

"There is a proposed law, HB 2093 that would expand who is a mandated reporter of child sexual abuse to include every employee or volunteer of any organizations that provides or refers for reproductive health care. This more expansive definition of who should be required to report child sexual abuse is consistent with most other states that I have looked into." 

Seems like a fair case they're making.
Here's a plea from Planned Parenthood about HB 2093. 

"HB 2093 requires office staff and volunteers of organizations that provide reproductive health care or sex education to be mandated reporters of child abuse. All doctors, nurses and teachers are already mandated reporters. Therefore, these organizations are already legally required to make reports. This bill creates redundant regulations that have the potential to overload the Department of Children and Family Services." 

This came from a standard letter with little blurbs about three different bills going through the Illinois federal government at the moment.  The conclusion is that all the things the bill wants to change (PP's aiding of sex trafficking, shoddy, run down abortion mills that need rennovating etc., and a requirement for women to see the ultrasound of their baby before having an abortion) - impose too much cost on Poor Little Planned Parenthood, who really can't afford to update their mills, because they don't want to spend money on things that help women.

No, they don't care about women.  
They don't care that they're being abused as sex slaves.  
They don't want them to have an informed choice (by seeing a picture of their own baby before the abortion).  
They don't even care enough about women to give them a clean and tidy sitting room to wait in before they kill their children.

Planned Parenthood cares about one thing: money.

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  1. a very good summary of HB 2093 thanks Lyd. Have you read Live Action's article on it?